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Kale, broccoli, carrots, OH MY!

We recently decided to try increasing our fruit and veggie intake, and lowering our meat intake, to more accurately mimic our hunter gatherer origins. I've always been intrigued by the various diet rituals that gain popularity, they really are fascinating. What's always made sense to me is that we need to take it back to the basics, back to what we were made to eat. Humans are the only “animals” that have the ability to create food with science and chemistry, other than what is naturally available in our environment. We are also the only “animals” that have an obesity problem in our natural environment. So, why not eat what we were made to eat, fruits, veggies, nuts, berries, AND occasionally meat (just picture that random successful hunting trip where a mammoth was caught).
How it worked....Well, the first week was rough.
With the influx of fresh veggies to I had several challenges:
A) storage space in my fridge
B) keep fresh for an entire week (as I only brave the grocery store once a week) and
C) preparing them in their freshest form and keeping our hectic family schedule on track.

As with everything that we've decided to adopt in this family it just took a little time to adjust to the change, and the complimentingmitment to keeping things running for the benefit of my family. This week I made a few modifications...Instead of worrying with creating new, innovative veggie meals every night, I made one main dish of veggie, bean, and ground beef chili this weekend, and am complimenting it with different fresh veggie ideas each night. In retrospect, I could have made the chili without the beef to stick with our reduced meat portions, and I think I will do that in the future.

To remedy the fridge/storage issue, I added a great big silver bowl to my fridge and have simply loaded it to the gills with our yummy fresh veggies.

Freshness?! This week I stuck with the hearty kales, broccolis, cauliflowers variety of veggies that seem to stay fresh longer.

“Seriously?! You make your kids eat that?! Mine wouldn't touch veggies with a ten foot pole!!!!”

I hear that a lot from parents, and YES, my kids eat veggies like they're goin' outta style.
They request carrots, they devour broccoli stalks, and they will wrestle through the various steamed veggies I offer. Why?! Noooooo, we don't beat them into submission, it's they way they have been taught to eat.
Steaming the veggies then adding a bit of salt, pepper, and fresh lemon is a very fresh and yummy way to eat them. I used to add Smart Balance to that mix, but recently tried without it, and was pleasantly surprised at how yummy it is!

Now that the kids are older we talk to them about why they eat the way they do. We talk about healthy eating as a way to extend our healthy lives, and keep us kickin' as long as possible. That's how we also attack the working out situation, not as a battle to stay slim from a vanity standpoint, but from a keep the bodies we've been gifted standpoint.

As with the MULTITUDE of changes we've made to our lifestyle since our oldest was born, this change has presented some challenges and has taken a little time, but as with everything else it's just a matter of mind over matter and is possible with an adjusted mindset. It's actually lit a fire in my cooking passion and I've been creating new and exciting veggie meals and am LOVING the excitement and passion I feel for it.

I'm looking at the produce section of the grocery store with new eyes, and I feel like a kid in the candy store, the possibilities seem endless...


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