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Even if you don't have kids, putting up a tire swing is an easy weekend project that adds an aura of chill to any backyard. The only difficulty is choosing between using a rope and using chain; what separates the two is cost. This past weekend, I left my house determined to go throw up a tire swing for the kids. I'm fairly confident in my layman’s building ability, and I can follow a set of plans like a champ, so I Google'd “tire swing”. Little did I know that selling a rope and tire, in a combo-pack, is big business. There are NUMEROUS sites selling their own tire/rope combo, with each explaining why theirs are the bidness.

I'll keep this short...you hang a tire, from a tree, with a rope. No need to effect interstate commerce.
I browsed through a bunch of sites looking for the perfect plans and this is what it about boiled down to:

Again, it's just a tire swing; those that know me are well aware of how simple projects become overkill.

With my notepad full of items to get from Lowe's, I headed out. I expected to spend about $20 on supplies, I knew I had an old used tire at the office, and figured I'd be back in about 15 minutes.

45 Minutes Later

I stood staring at a shelf of eye-bolts, hinges, etc., with a guy who immediately made a good impression by commenting on my “awesome beard”, but ended up being fairly useless...and by useless, I mean he shouldn't have been working at a hardware/home/place-to-buy-parts-to-a-tire-swing store. I won't go into all the details to qualify me to make such a statement, but trust. I had several lengths of chain and several bags of bolts and washers, but none of it was EXACTLY what the plans called for. So I was to wing it with about $80 worth of chain and hardware.
And then I gave up.
I told the guy I didn't feel comfortable buying all this stuff, just to have to go to another store to find the right stuff. I saved myself from being that guy who buys a bunch of the wrong stuff, just because he feels guilty about how long the dude helped him. I refused to be that guy...this time.
I apologized as if he's just spent the day molding the chain links by hand, and settled for a consolation purchase of about 30 feet of nylon rope. I figured that I would get to it some other time and for now the kids wouldn't mind 30 feet of rope. Plus, I didn't feel like driving in to the office at this point. I took my 30 feet of rope (“no thanks, I don't need a bag...it pretty much has a handle”) and headed home.
And then it happened.
Lying on the side of the road, the piece I needed to complete my rope/tire combo-pack; an old, used tire. Albeit, a little large, but I was gonna try. I had a new wind about me and I was going to build that damn thing, or rather, hang it...whatever.
I was determined to have the swing with the tire hanging horizontally to accommodate as many heinies as possible, but settled on hanging it vertically with the intent on finding better plans.
After folding the rope in half and throwing the looped end over a branch, I pulled the two ends through the loop. I then looped the ends of the rope around the tire, a bunch of times, and tied it off with a constrictor knot and called it a day. I could have left it like this for good, because the kids loved it, but I didn't like how unsecure it was at the branch, and it really looked like what it was...half-assed.

The next day, I succeeded in getting it done.

Here are my plans for a tire-swing.

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