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504 SOAP

Pure. Simple. Soap.
Chemically, soap is a salt. An acid and a base react with one another and neutralize into the salt (or soap). This process is called saponification; as the acid and the base come into contact with one another and react, the solution is saponifying – making soap and glycerin. Homemade bars are manufactured with fats and oils (the acid), sodium hydroxide (the base), and water (the solvent which dissolves the base).
Simple ingredients for a simple task.

I use a process called the cold-process method, using only the heat of the reaction (no external heat), retaining vital nutrients including glycerin, to make and give you a soap that I feel is the best for our skin, home, and environment without the use of complex chemical additives.

Although I’ve spent several years developing a formula and process to make a superior soap, I had to start somewhere. I’ve studied several books to understand the basic science of saponification so that I can truly understand what’s going on.

I started with The Natural Soap Book: Making Herbal and Vegetable-Based Soaps, and got the basics of soap-making down. After this, I followed up with The Soapmaker's Companion: A Comprehensive Guide with Recipes, Techniques & Know-How (Natural Body Series - The Natural Way to Enhance Your Life), also by Susan Miller Cavitch, along with several other books, to begin understanding the science of it.

Using SAP values, examining the Constituent Fatty Acids and their molecular weight, and dilution percentages, my recipe was....errrrr......forged.

Although I won’t can’t give you my “recipe”, a guarded secret, only accessible through a secret cave entrance protected by goblins who will only give access to the recipe-spreadsheet if the matching key is in possession and the appropriate rhyme is recited backwards in pig-latin, NUMEROUS basic recipes and step-by-step instructions are found online.

Give it a shot and see what it takes, and why I’m so passionate about providing the absolute best for my family’s skin, and yours!