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Our Story

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Starting in 2005, the simple dry skin of my baby boy caused me to research the ingredients in his commercial “tear-free” baby soap. Finding that the ingredients being used were harsh detergents and chemical additives, I knew I could do better. That simple change in my lifestyle is one that my family has enjoyed for years.

For a few years we kept the soap within our family, until one Christmas we decided to give it out as a gift. After that, those recipients expected the soap yearly, and they constantly encouraged us to start selling it; we decided to give this a shot.

We started off calling our soaps Naturally Nu'Norlens Soap because of the way my son would say New Orleans. Needless to say, what we thought was witty at first became a pain when people would repeatedly ask us what we were saying. I had enough trouble with people trying to understand my
y'at dialect.

I can only hope that you enjoy our soaps and that they become a small but fragrant part of your healthy lifestyle, as it has ours. Thank you!