504 SOAP

Pure. Simple. Soap.
30 minutes until my uncle starts figuring out how he should apologize to his neighbors. #noonewasmoresurprisedthanI
You were a delicious sip, but your glass was weak af. #amomentofsilence
Making #soap, watching @saints and drinking dis. #goodday
Took a sniff and thought, "hunh, interesting." Few sips in realized I made a mistake. Take a bag of popcorn and microwave it til clearly burnt. Open the bag and scoop in a hefty portion of the shittiest peanut butter you can find. Enjoy. #ptui
Um, yeah I want some fkn tacos
"We have nothing on the menu, but we have cold beer."
La Isla Del Encanto
I wish this beer had a hand; I'd high five it. #otherhalfbrewing
#otherhalfbrewing VicSecret and Mosaic Imperial IPA. #brooklyn
I get it, it's late, but hear me out. @otherhalfnyc Triple Cream TDH Imperial IPA is easily top 5 beer I've ever had. #nyc
What walking back to the hotel feels like after eating a few pounds of pizza from @vezzothincrust #fooddrunk
I feel ok about posting a food pic. I feel ok about eating wings, and a burger, in public with a beard. I feel ok about needing more Korean friends. #koreanbbq #nyc
I'm only here for the #seanpatton
The look of horror when your kid comes into the brewery and asks, "what smells so good?", and sees this. #whatintarnation
Poured from the roof. #partandparcel
Starter done. Keeping a #starter on for more than 18 hours is silly; my @voidcellars stash is not.
Best in the game at giving high fives, and can do a perfect cannonball. Thank you for choosing me. #happybirthday
Folding up the seat and having 3/4 the back seat area to stand/sit/lay wasn't good enough. #neededapillow
Good thing about living in the middle of nowhere; grocery stores are close by. #veggieaisle
London III, #Citra, and #ElDorado are BFFs. #juicy
With no InBev products to be found, this wicked Commercial Suicide will do. #JesterKing #seewhatididthere
67.15lbs coarse crushed to 0.045" #monstermill
Another big #beer. Starters dropping clear before decant. #1bbl split batch. #terriblerapper